“I can attest to how amazing Kendall’s distant Reiki healing sessions are. I had 1 in person and 4 or 5 more in my own home an ocean away. The energy shifts and vibrations are so warm and welcoming and in your own home you can bask in the serenity of your own space. Highly recommended!!!!”
-Arelene M.

“If you are looking for a Reiki Healing with that touch of excellence you will find that at Reiki Healing Victoria BC. The setting is so tranquil and Kendall will treat you with love and light. I recommend her as a fellow practitioner.”
-Vivienne – Australian Healing Master

“I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure to connect with Kendall in Victoria. I am feeling so happy, light, and inspired since the session. The sound bath was AMAZING! I didn’t realize how powerful it could really be. Ever since, I have felt so unbeliveilbly good! It’s like something inside me woke up and it feels incredible! I wanted to say how grateful I am, and to let you know that Kendall is very talented & gifted in what she does. Since that day my energy has been on a whole new level!”
-Alanna H

“Kendall is such a beautiful soul, and has an amazing gift. A healing session with her will leave you feeling completely re-balanced and refreshed as she treats you on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. She is very passionate and professional. With Kendall you are in safe, loving, caring and trusting hands. I have now had one in-person healing session with Kendall in Victoria, and two remote sessions. All three healings have been transformational. These sessions have removed blockages, moved energy and allowed me to release old patterns to move forward. I felt very safe and comfortable throughout each session, and will continue working with Kendall!”
*Don’t be skeptical about remote healing sessions. They are POWERFUL, and in the comfort of your own environment.*
-A Johnson

“I recently had my first healing session with Kendall. It was so nice, peaceful, restorative, and extremely relaxing. I found Kendall to be very well informed in Reiki and the healing arts. I felt much more attuned to my vibration, and it has made me feel so much lighter. I would definitely recommend Kendall to anyone who needs some healing and sonic tuning. She would definitely be able to help!”
-Kerry Chow

“Kendall is an insightfully gifted lightworker, whose gift with energy healing has been a significant component of my healing journey out of the darkness I was experiencing, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Her knowledge of the Chakra system, and her openness to receiving and dispersing energy during her Reiki sessions is astounding. Her knowledge of crystals, stones, and music for healing the body, mind, and soul, is purely divine. I highly recommend Kendall as a beautiful gift to all who are searching for something in their lives.”
-Heather Pearson

“I would like to let every one know of the wonderful way I feel after each appointment with Kendall and also how I can actually feel the energy entering my body at times as she is performing Reiki on me. I have many long standing problems such as lower back ailments, various muscle problems, also trauma problems of mental origin from long ago as a child. I should mention that I am now 61 years old and most of my problems I have had for a long time. I have been getting treatment with Kendall now for a about 8 months,usually once a month, sometimes twice a month and my problems have become much smaller, my chiropractor is having a much easier time adjusting me but the wonderful thing is, I hardly ever have to see him now. The healing that Kendall is doing to me also in a mental way just makes me feel better about being alive and more vibrant now as I feel differently about doing certain things, kinda like I feel a bit younger and more relaxed. I have been doing many things over the years to deal with my problems; chiro, physio, massage, acupuncture, self help work, counselling, but since I have started doing Reiki with Kendall, healing the inner self and outer self has just been amazing. So all I can say is I am very happy that I added Reiki with Kendall because I don’t have to do the other stuff that much now and I have to say that when I first started Reiki, I had my doubts but Kendall has sure taken that away.”
-Harold Forward